Places to Go

East Fork  of Rock Creek is a popular fishing and camping destination.  Located 6 miles east of the flashing caution light on the corner of Main and Center Streets, It is very pretty and fun place to visit.  Primitive camping.


Indian Springs Resort is located 11.5 miles north of Rockland.   Featuring a large pool with natural hot water, Indian Springs has been a popular spot for many years.   The resort includes campsites, with or without hook-ups, pavilions, restrooms, showers, dump station, snacks and games in the pool lobby.    3249 Indian Springs Road, just east of Idaho Highway 37.   Seasonal.    208-226-7700


The Rockland Valley is popular with the ATV/UTV crowd, as well as snowmobilers in season. There are many interesting and fun back or country roads and trails to explore.  There are several warm or hot springs in the valley, unfortunately most are located on private property.  When dealing with private property, always ask for permission to enter or cross.  There is an excellent snowmobile parking area about 6 miles southwest of town on Houtz Canyon Road, which includes toilet facilities.  Makes your backcountry experience just a bit more enjoyable!


The Valley is a popular destination for several hunting sports.  Deer and elk both have sizeable herds and usually harvest numbers are good, as well as a great hunting experience.  Upland bird and small animal hunting as well as predator hunting are popular as well. Idaho Fish and Game is a good resource at   208-232-4703