Water and sewer services are provided by the City of Rockland.  To establish service, contact

the City Clerk at the City Building located at 135 South Main Street.   Phone 208-548-2489

Telephone and internet services are available through Direct Communications located at 150 S. Main Street in Rockland.  Phone 208-548-2345  or 208-548-9981

Electrical power service is provided by Idaho Power Company.   Call 1-800-488-6151

Curbside garbage pick-up is provided by PSI Environmental.  Their number is 208-529-8084

Power County maintains a garbage landfill transfer station, funded by your tax dollars and available without additional fees (except for an uncovered load charge if you don’t cover your load!).  Located at 4279West Bench Road, it is just east on the city.  Open Tuesday and Thursday 11:15am – 5:30pm, and Saturday 10:30am – 5pm.

United States Postal Service has a Rockland Post Office located at 155 South Main Street.  Mailboxes are available for free to residents and are available 24 hours a day – located in the lobby.  The counter is manned 5 days per week – Monday through Friday _ 9am – 3pm.  Mail is delivered into the mailboxes 6 days per week, as mail is also dispatched 6 days per week.  Phone is 208-548-2646