Permits & Licenses

Dog Licenses

In December you can get dog license for 50% off for $10, the rest of the year it’s $20. Everyone who has a dog in the city limits needs to have a dog license.  Available from the City Clerk at 135 S. Main St.

Building Permit & Development Application

Most additions, alterations, repairs, demolishing, signs, etc. require a Building Permit.  The Permits are available from the City Clerk.  Rockland also has a Building Inspector.  Some people try to do projects without a permit.  Do so at your own risk, as your insurance company may not cover projects not permitted or inspected, and/or the Building Inspector is empowered to halt construction or order the project removed if it doesn’t have a building permit.  Plumbing and electrical require State permits.

Special Use Permit Application

Changing the use of property’s basic use from residential, commercial, or industrial to a different classification.  The process begins with the City Clerk.