Parks & Recreation

Rockland has 3 City Parks:  the Main City Park (Elvan E. Cox Memorial Park, donated to the city in 1958) is located on the corner of East Center and Cedar Streets.  It includes a pavilion and kitchen, picnic tables, restrooms, with lots of grass & trees.

Legion Park is adjacent to the American Legion Building (now owned by the city and is available for special events)  located on the corner of Pine and Nez Perce Streets.  It includes picnic tables and a shelter.

Ralphs Park is a grassy hillside with juvenile trees.  It is mostly undeveloped, but improvements are planned.  Very good for iceblocking and similar activities.  Steep hillside located between Cedar and Aspen Streets at Nez Perce Street.  The name is for a popular former high school coach and former mayor.  It isn’t official, but commonly called Ralph’s Park by the residents.