The Rockland Fire Department was established by City Ordinance #22 dated May 29, 1917.  Purpose:

To Establish a Fire District within the boundaries of the Village of Rockland, also defined boundaries of said district, prescribing the kind of buildings that may be erected within, and issuance of permits for alterations or repairs of any wooden buildings.

From these humble beginnings (part of which are relayed here), the Rockland Rural Fire District has grown to include several fire trucks including a brush truck and a tank truck and modern ambulance service provided by dedicated volunteers.

In the early days of February, 1920, they paid $375 for an Ajax Chemical Fire  Engine located in American Falls, the best fire fighting apparatus available, followed with another Ajax in March of 1921 when $244.79 purchased an additional unit.  The firefighting equipment was hauled to the scene of the fire on an old wagon that was housed in various buildings & stables in those early years.  The Fire Department bought a second hand Ford truck (for $75) to haul the equipment, so they could finally say they had a “fire truck” as well as 2 “fire engines”.  Two 12 foot ladders were made following the May 3, 1929 Council meeting.

The fire department has changed considerably over the years and has spun-off from the city to become the Rockland Rural Fire District.  The Firehouse is located at 185 S. Main Street.  The department includes 16 volunteer firefighters and 3 non-firefighting volunteers.  The fire department also operates the ambulance services.

Fire Chief:  Jeff Evans

Assistant Chief:  Matt Farr

Non emergency phone (208-548-2444)